Triathlon Results

First, the disappointment: due to a 58,000 gallon oil spill in San Francisco Bay a few days prior, the swim portion of the triathlon was canceled. This technically makes it a more like a duathlon than a triathlon. The sense of triumph for having completed the event is muted because the swim was canceled. I’m certain that I would still have finished had the swim taken place; I’m a fairly strong swimmer.

I feel great having done it. Having done sufficient training it was not nearly as hard as I had figured it would be to complete the event. The running part of the race was what I was the most concerned with and I fairly readily met my goal of running the entire way (as opposed to walking).


Highlights of the event:

  • achieving my goal of running (not walking) the entirety of the run
  • trading positions with the same guy at least 10 times in the cycling stage


One of the most interesting aspects of the race for me was the affect of others cheering me on as I went by. I’m usually not one to go in for enthusiasm; in many cases it makes me uncomfortable. In this case however, the cheering of strangers made an incredible difference for me. It really inspired me want to push harder.


The Stats:

  • Overall time: 1:14:01
  • 246 out of 336 overall.
  • Bike Rank: 187
  • Bike Speed: 18.6 mph
  • Bike Distance: 12 miles
  • Run Rank: 272
  • Run Speed: 10:29 per mile
  • Run Distance: 3 miles


Overall, my impression is that triathlons are an awful lot of fun. Whose with me for the next one?