Training Update

This training update is in SOAP format, inspired by Art Clarke and his blog.


It seems that this was a breakthrough week for running. I made it up to 2.5 miles on the treadmill. I’ve heard from others in the know that that 2 miles is the bubble to push through and once you get there it gets easier. I honestly believe I will be able to go the distance in the triathlon.

Yesterday I had a crummy day and was really low on energy. I still managed to run 2 miles after a 25 minute session on the elliptical trainer. I must say I’ve come a long way, in a crappy workout is running 2 miles.

I did not do any cycling or swimming last week. These are areas that I’m fairly comfortable in, but I should be paying attention to them. I’m not sure I’ll double up this week, but I will be sure to get swimming and cycling in this week.


Running continues to improve. The distances keep going up. The headphones I wear while running keep catching on my hands, so there’s room for improvement there.

My last swim and bike rides were all over the distance I had to go for a triathlon. Since cycling comes after the swim I will be using it as a recovery from the swim, which should leave me in good shape for the run.


I would have liked to be further along than I am at this point. I have high confidence that I will finish the triathlon though and that makes it easy. The training program I’ve created for myself seems to be working well; I just need to stick with it. There is nothing like a triathlon looming to keep me motivated.


Continue with training at least 4 times per week. Volleyball on Thursday evenings is allowed if I get a workout in Thursday morning (probably a fast run to build strength) as Friday is a rest day and Saturday is usually a cycling day. My last volleyball session did not leave me particularly sore and I expect that to get better rather than worse.