Plan Update

Based on inspiration wand wisdom from my buddy Art Clarke I’ve put more thought into this weeks training regimen. For those who don’t know him, Art is one of the more clever people I’ve had the luxury to work with. If you want to learn from someone’s successes he’s a fine choice. If you want to learn from his failures, he’s good for that too. Check out his blog here.

Training for this week:

  • Tuesday (today): 35 minute normal workout on the elliptical trainer. Run 1.1 miles on the treadmill focusing not at all on speed, and entirely on form. Stretch after workout.
  • Thursday: Go to a store and hopefully purchase proper running shoes of joint saving quality. Swim 1/2 mile, then run 1.3 miles. Stretch after workout
  • Weekend: Do either an elliptical workout then run 1.4 miles, or cycle at least 10 miles. Since I have no structured daytime plans, doing both is not out of the question.
  • Consider purchasing an inexpensive cycling computer to gather higher quality data for cycling training.
  • Put out of mind that I drooled over a Cannondale cyclocross bike in a shop last weekend. My Bianchi is just fine.

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