The Mile Marker

A worthy and useful plan must include milestones. Since I’m training for a triathlon, my plan includes fitness milestones, and today, I crossed the first one: I ran one mile.

In most circles, running a mile is not considered that big a deal, nor should it be. However, since my relationship to running has been tense at best this is meaningful for the following reasons:

  • This is a mile run without pain on a previously injured knee.
  • This is a mile run after a workout on the elliptical trainer
  • This is a mile run when I didn’t really feel like working out

Next milestone: running 2 miles.

Days left until triathlon: 48

*edit – there was a slight amount of pain in the knee after the run. It was not evident the next day, which is when it is typically the worst. Training tomorrow will involve a 1.1 mile run.

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