The Mile Marker

A worthy and useful plan must include milestones. Since I’m training for a triathlon, my plan includes fitness milestones, and today, I crossed the first one: I ran one mile.

In most circles, running a mile is not considered that big a deal, nor should it be. However, since my relationship to running has been tense at best this is meaningful for the following reasons:

  • This is a mile run without pain on a previously injured knee.
  • This is a mile run after a workout on the elliptical trainer
  • This is a mile run when I didn’t really feel like working out

Next milestone: running 2 miles.

Days left until triathlon: 48

*edit – there was a slight amount of pain in the knee after the run. It was not evident the next day, which is when it is typically the worst. Training tomorrow will involve a 1.1 mile run.

One thought on “The Mile Marker”

  1. Good plan. Report your progress once a week, and I’ll be happy to keep giving encouragement (and it’ll give you someone to keep you honest, rather than just books).

    You didn’t ask for advice but:
    1) Stretch AFTER you run. Never skip it.
    2) Ice your knees after you run. Never skip it.
    3) If you’re getting pain while running, try the following things:
    a) Don’t run with an ipod; run so you can hear yourself running, and then try to run where you heal hits the ground first, and you can’t hear your feet hit the ground.
    b) Warm up for your actual run by doing 2 100-yard runs where you hold your hands at 90-degrees to your body, and then raise your knees up to hit your hands. This will get your body used to raising your knees.
    c) This one is odd, but concentrate on engaging your abs while you run. You’ll likely slow down at first, but it’ll force the rest of your body to maintain correct form.
    d) Did I mention stretching and icing after you’re done?
    3) Don’t forget to smile 🙂

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